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Build Strong Connections

Written By: admin - Mar• 12•14

Having everything mentioned in previous points is important. However, if you have people holding you back that can all go to waste.


You want to train your family so that they can add value in the event of a crisis. Also, if you feel that there are skills missing, go ahead and find people that have complimentary skills.


Network on forums, on sites like, speak to existing connections that you think may have an interest in this.


You survival team needs to be strong and now is your opportunity to build it!

Get a Bunker!

Written By: admin - Mar• 03•14

In addition to food and weapons, you’ll need somewhere safe and secure that you can bide out your time. Your house isn’t going to be safe anymore – it’s too exposed. Your best option is an underground bunker.


You can either have one built in your property or you can rent space in one through a website like


If you do decide to build your own bunker, be warned that they can cost a lot of money. The spec that you go for naturally depends on how much you have to spend.


Ideally, you want multiple entrances and exits. The bunker should be disgusted to some extend and have numerous safe breathing holes as well as the ability to look out without actually exiting. And remember, comfort is important. You may well be spending a significant amount of time here so the bunker needs to be fairly comfortable.


Protect Yourself: GUNS!

Written By: admin - Mar• 01•14

In addition to food, it’s also critical that you can protect yourself and your family.


If people know you’re the only one with food, guess who’s door they’re going to break down!?


Protecting yourself with weapons is going to be the best way to stay alive. Forget learning karate, you need to learn how to use guns and knives. Have a good amount of ammo and a gun for everyone over 18 is ideal.

The Importance Of Home Grown Food

Written By: admin - Feb• 28•14

If any of the doomsday scenarios were to actually happen, the first thing people would panic about is food. And rightly so, without food we’d die in a matter of weeks. And without water it becomes days.


That’s why everyone who cares about their survival needs to learn how to find fresh water and grow their own food.


Although food like chicken eggs are great, they do take a fair bit of effort. You need to continually feed them. What I prefer is growing food from the ground. Potatoes, berries, fruits and all sorts of other things. It’s also critical that you know how to identify food that is safe to eat. What look like delicious berries would actually kill you!


So, the first prepping step should be to source your own food.

My Prepper Life

Written By: admin - Feb• 26•14

The purpose of this blog is to document my prepper life.


From around the age of 24 I started thinking about everything that my, my friends and family were at risk of. We were all going about our daily lives like everything would stay the same forever. Like we could always pop to the local grocery store if we were hungry, like we could just turn on the tap when we wanted, or pick up the phone when we wanted to speak to someone.


The truth is, as humans we have short memories. We forget about the wars, the nuclear attacks on some countries, the droughts, floods and 100s of other terrible stuff that happens.


Bearing that in mind, I started prepping. This blog will document that and I hope it helps you in whatever you’re doing to build a more secure life.

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